ikas Partner Agency | Store Setup and Management

Strengthen your brand and maximize your return on investment.

Let us set up your Ikas E-commerce site and modules professionally ⚡

Let us professionally set up your ikas-based e-commerce site and offer your customers a better experience without getting stuck with technical problems. Sell ​​more and increase your turnover.

We make all the necessary settings for your Ikas E-Commerce Infrastructure and make it ready for sale.

⚡ Theme Installation
⚡ Product Entry
⚡ Virtual POS Setup
⚡ SEO Settings
⚡ Agreement and Static Pages

We professionally prepare the banners, gifs, product visual arrangements, campaign and announcement images your Ikas E-commerce site needs.

⚡ Banner – Slider Designs
⚡ Logo Design
⚡ Icon Drawings
⚡ Custom Theme Drawing – UI & UX
⚡ Product Visual Edits

We make your Ikas E-commerce site ready for sale, establish the necessary integrations with your other sales channels and ensure perfect data flow.

⚡ Marketplace Product Integrations
⚡ Product – Category – Brand Matchings
⚡ E-Invoice Integration
⚡ Cargo Integrations
⚡ ERP – Accounting Integration

By connecting your Ikas E-commerce site with your advertising accounts and data measurement tools, we ensure that you collect your user behavior data accurately and completely.

⚡ Google Tag Manager Installation
⚡ Google Analytics 4 Setup
⚡ Google Merchant Center Setup
⚡ Google Ads Account Setup
⚡ Google Search Console Installation
⚡ Meta Pixel – Conversions API Setup
⚡ Meta Catalog Integration

digimify x ikas 🚀 x ⚡ | Premium Partner

Let's open your e-commerce store or move your existing store to ikas

digimify is a verified and fully qualified partner to set up your e-commerce store or migrate it to ikas. Our talented web development team creates a user-friendly and aesthetically appealing e-commerce website that effectively showcases your products or services. We provide seamless navigation, mobile responsiveness and secure payment gateways.

ikas Marketplace Integration Setup

With our integration experience, we help you choose the integrator that best suits your needs. We analyze not only your current needs but also your future needs and provide pinpoint solutions that will not require you to change integrations later.

Ikas E-export 💰

Theme installation, foreign language, currency and regional cargo etc. required for ikas e-export infrastructure. We make all the settings and deliver them.

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